‘I Do’ at Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge Sunday 23rd June

We are pleased to be part of the wonderful I Do exhibition at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge beginning Sunday 23rd June. This is Heart Gallery’s fourth wedding exhibition and features the work of selected UK designers/makers. We were thrilled to be asked to be part of the exhibition and will be exhibiting some of our wedding range at the gallery. Whether you are a bride looking to plan her special day or just interested in an exhibition of beautiful items, please do take a visit. The event will also host a local photographer, stationer, events caterers and a table-decoration designer to discuss bespoke options for your special day. The exhibition runs from 23 June – 28 July 2013 at Heart Gallery, The Arts Centre, 4a Market Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AA


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We love a good giveaway and we have a cracker here for you. Drum roll…. you have the opportunity to enter our Subscribe to our newsletter to receive FREE entry into our SEPTEMBER BAG GIVEAWAY!  It’s easy peasy to enter and you have the opportunity to get your hands on a bag of YOUR choice for FREE. Here’s how:

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OK, I know it’s boring, but the full terms and conditions are below. You should read them.


You could win ME for FREE! Subject to availability.


Win a Holly and Ruby bag in our giveaway, like Route 66 (pictured). Subject to availability.


Just another of the bags that you could WIN in our giveaway! Subject to availability


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Pinteresting weddings

I am just really getting going with Pinterest at the moment – I love it. It’s perfect for visual people and as much as I like twitter (although I don’t use it as often as I should) I dearly appreciate pinterest and how I can instantly see what people are pinning. Repinning is easy -almost too easy. Perhaps its time to be more disciplined with my pins! Maybe I should start a daily pin ration. For those of you who don’t yet use it, you sign up and then you create pinboards. You can name your pin board by theme and then you can search under your own specific search terms for images or ‘pins’ If you like it, just click ‘repin’ and then its added to your board (whichever board you choose). Its a great way to build up research boards and get an idea of what else is out there. You can also add images you find on your internet travela by uploading a pin as a web link, or upload one of your own files to put it in the pinterest domain!


I decided to spend some Sunday time pinning inspirational ideas for my new wedding range that I am introducing over the summer. I have started a few different pinboards. There are ways of adding pinterest boards as a feed to my side bar and although I think I know how to do this, I haven’t dared try yet. Fiddling around with my webiste scares me a little as I am certainly no expert in ‘coding’. I am quite proud that I know what coding is but I do get glazed-over eyes when  look at it.


So, for now, here is a sneak peak of my first board…


Holly and Ruby Wedding heaven inspirational pinterest board - visit me at pinterest to see more

Full board to view at http://pinterest.com/hollyandruby/holly-and-ruby-wedding-heaven-inspiration-board/



Photo Shoot with Heinz Schmidt Photography – latest photos

I am very excited to get the latest set of photos from my photoshoot with Heinz Schmidt of Heinz Schmidt Photography. The photographs were taken at Renegade Hair Salon in Leeds, so a big thank you to Renegade for letting me use their wonderful salon. The lovely model is Kelly Jay, who did a fabulous, patient job and looks stunning in the photos.

Hope. All photos by Heinz Schmidt Photography. Model: Kelly Jay. All hairstyles by Radha M.P Hair. All make-up by Dorota Make-up. Dress by Call Me Betty Vintage. Jewellery by For the Love of Kitsch.


Pony Club

Hair was my the lovely Radha of Radha M.P Hair who creted this wonderful vinatge-inspired do. I wish I could make my own hair look like that.. Make-up was by the delightful Dorota of Dorota Make-up who made the transformation from delicate and soft to glamourous and pouting with her make-up wizardry.


The Duchess.

Secret Garden. Dress from Bird's Yard, Jewellery by For the Love of Kitsch

For the Love of Kitsch lent me an amazing selection of vintage jewellery, I had so much to choose from I could have accessorised everyone in Leeds that day. If you haven’t checked out their page, I heartily recommend having a look at some of her fabulous jewellery. Clothes were supplied by my good friend and super-talented Betty at Call me Betty Vintage. Betty makes wonderfully fun and pretty dresses inspired by vintage styles. so thanks to the lovely Bird at Bird’s Yard for the loan of some fabulous clothes (one of which I loved so much I bought it).

Abracadabra. Top and trousers by The Wardrobe Fashion Boutique. Jewellery by For the Love of Kitsch.

Also, a big thank you to The Wardrobe Fashion Boutique in Hedon, who very kindly lent me some items for the shoot which look  perfect.

Delilah's Revenge

Bags featured include Secret Garden, The Duchess, Garden Party, Polite Society, Delilah’s Revenge, Hope, Pony Club, Wild Child and Abracadabra. More photos to follow for bags Route 66,  Rio, Saddle UpLady in Red, plus others.  Watch this space!

What is Yarn Bombing?

Learn More About Guerilla Knitting

They can work in groups or alone. The results of their labours can appear anywhere, in the most surprising of places. This is the world of Yarn Bombing and you need to know more.

It’s been going on for years, originating in the USA and spreading out across continents. Also known as guerilla knitting, Yarn Bombing is the act of leaving crocheted and knitted adornments in unusual places. They can appear on trees, statues, vehicles and buildings. Some knitted pieces have been huge, even covering shops and more.

People have witnessed bright, woollen socks, gloves and hats on statues, wrapped up trees and decorated railings. Even famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China have been given a splash of knitted colour thanks to these fly-by-night crafters. They’re in and out quickly, leaving only their work with a tongue planted in cheek.


Not everyone appreciates the woollen adornments these knitters create. Instead of an off-the-cuff art form it has been compared to out and out vandalism. But is this fair? True, the practice is illegal in many places, and it is officially considered to be defacing public property.

While it’s true that landmarks and edifices of all kinds can be the victim of a Yarn Bomb hit – or ‘tagged’ – what actual damage has been done? The wool can be removed at any time (although that is a bit of a shame) and the original subject is completely undamaged.

How did Yarn Bombing start?

Yarn Bombing had a very humble beginning – in fact, it’s still a rather humble hobby now – as early groups started in places like malls and skate parks. Texas group Knitta Please was one of the first groups to get involved. Founder Magda Sayeg began as a way of brightening up the everyday environment of her town.

This sudden appearance of these vividly coloured woolly tags dotted around the place were a welcome sight for many. Often raising a big smile from passers by, or at times bemusement, these acts of guerilla knitting have been welcomed by many. Anyone who enjoys little tweaks to the mundane and everyday world around them find Yarn Bombing a good thing.

There are many other groups, or cells, of these urban knitters. While some use it as a way of brightening up the drabness of their landscape, others may do it for other forms of free expression, often with environmental leanings.

Despite the reasons for it, one thing is true – it does look pretty!


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